Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Products In Stock

Diapers are coming to Cutie Tooties!
Pre-orders for these SUPER popular diapers are now available!
If you are interested in placing a pre-order for these super soft diapers, either email me: ; or place the pre-order online at our store. you will find the goodmamas pre-order under the fitted diapers section. Preorders require $25 payment per diaper upon order. $10 balance, plus shipping & tax (if applicable) must be paid for items to ship. Please order preorders separate from other items so we can process your instock items quickly.

Bumgenius Deluxe 3.0 AIO's are now in stock!

Sizes Small-Large are pocket AIO's which makes them an even more versatile option for Bumgenius Diaper lovers!

Bumgenius bamboo fitted diapers are in stock!!

These diapers are super soft, incredibly absorbent and a good deal at only $13!

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