Monday, October 6, 2008

New Products in Stock...

Just arrived!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

The natural (and fashionable) way to ease your baby's discomfort during teething.

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Toys!

These are so cute and VERY well-made. Your little one will love them!

Super soft brown monkey; au naturelle Elephant & Lion teething dolls; blue & pink pocket dolls-perfect for little hands; & sleeping dolls.

Frog & Duck Organic Bath sets; Organic Cotton Newborn Gift Basket--even the basket is Organic!

Organic Cotton Fruits & Veggies! It's finally OK to play with your food.
Banana, Peas, Broccolli, Grapes

Fruit basket: Banana, Pear, Grapes & Watermelon

These fruits and veggies are particularly special because of their origins, and the love put into making them. Read about the 13 villages project below.

"Giving Back"
Under the Nile is proud to be part of a project contributing to the development of independent and self sustained communities. The '13 Villages Project' is a campaign co-conducted by Under the Nile and its Farm in Egypt (Sekem). It takes place in 13 rural villages in Sharkeya, Egypt. Through vocational training and infrastructural development, the project is improving the health, skills and overall well being of the village inhabitants. We provide excellent health care as well as education on dental and over all physical health. We begin by educating the villagers on how to make our fruit and vegetable toys. Each village receives an advance for their work and the materials needed to produce that toy. Upon completion, we pick up the finished goods and pay them fair wages for their work. We are very excited to see the end result. Happy, educated, and healthy human beings.

Coming SOON!!
2 new prints in Happy Heiny's One-Size Diapers!

Bumgenius Baby Legs & coordinating T-shirts!

These cute baby legs coordinate perfectly with the orginal Bumgenius colors!

Longsleeve T-shirts will be available in the following designs on white t-shirts.

I will post here once these are in stock.