Friday, November 28, 2008

New Store

Here are some pictures from our new store. We are very excited about the new location. Thank you to those of you who shopped with us on Black Friday!

We do not have a sign up yet.

Looking out our front window.

looking toward the back of the store.

Looking toward the play area across front of the store.

Looking across front of the store away from play area.

Me deep in thought at my counter.

Play area.

I hope you will stop by and see the new store soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday!!!

Cutie Tooties opens at 8am tomorrow!
Our new address is
5807D Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
Directions: Take I-40 to Papermill. Take Papermill to Kingston Pike via Northshore. Turn Left onto K. Pike. Pass Food City on your left and turn left in the very next shopping center on your left. The sign says The Shops at Bearden Place. Fleenor's salon is on the corner. We are across the street from Buddy's BBQ.
Now for the good stuff! Our sales & doorbusters!


  • Free Breakfast! We will have sausage biscuits & muffins while supplies last!
  • Enter to win a free Photoshoot from Shannon Kelley
  • First 25 customers get a drawstring backpack by WAHMies.
  • First 20 Customers to spend $100 get a free wetbag.


  • Bumgenius 4-packs (pastels pre-pkg) $60-save $12
  • Bumgenius New Colors in Stock. Buy 12 regular priced Bumgenius & get a free pair of Bumgenius Baby Legs
  • Diaper Sprayer $35.00-save $10
  • Northern Essence Bath Products $4 each
  • Hooter Hiders Nursing Covers $25- save $10
  • Drybees & Thirsties AIO's $15-save $2
  • Organic Bumgenius AIO $20-save $5
  • Diaper Bags $50-save $10
  • Sophie the Giraffe $16-save $4
  • Swim Diapers & Tankinis $9.25 each
  • Bamboozles $16-save $4
  • Fuzzi Bunz $15.50-save $2.50 per diaper
  • Hanging Diaper Pails $16-save $4
  • Hotslings $20-$45-Save $15
  • Baby Legs $10-save $2 per pair
  • Moby Wraps $35-save $5
  • Wahmies Pail Liners $13.00 save $3.50
  • Wahmies Mini- Wetbags $7
  • Wahmies Reg Wetbags $12.50 Save $3
  • Wahmies All-day Wetbags $14 save $3.50
  • Drybees Nightime Diapers $15 save $2
  • Nursing Jewels $8
  • Hand Dyed Prefolds $2/each Save $1
  • Bumgenius Pocket AIO (S, M, L) $15 save $1
  • Bumgenius AIO XS $12 save $1
  • Proraps AIO's $8 save $2.50
  • Kissaluvs Contours $5 each
  • Kissaluvs Fitteds $11.50
  • Thirsties Fab Fitteds $10
  • All Under the Nile Organic Cotton Toys, Blankets 20% off
  • Happy Heiny's One-Size Velcro Solids $17
  • Happy Heiny's One-Size Velcro Prints $18
  • Happy Heiny's One-Size Snaps $18

This is by no means the only items on sale, this is just hitting the high points. Very few items in the store will be regular price. I hope to see you tomorrow!


Friday, November 21, 2008

New Store Location & Black Friday Announcement

Well, we have a new store location. Cutie Tooties will be moving to

The Shops at Bearden Place on
Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008.
We will be closed 11/26-11/27 for Moving & Thanks giving but will open at our new location for Black Friday.
The new address is: 5807D Kingston Pike 37919
This shopping center is next to the La Parigo restaurant. Talloni & Kristi also used to be there. Our store will be in between Fleenor's & Artisans. We will actually have almost twice as much space, and YES we will have a play area. :)
I will be announcing our Black Friday deals here next week, so be sure to check back. There will be A LOT of great deals to be had and some great doorbusters! There will also be some freebies for the first 25 customers!
Our store will open for regular shopping at 8am on black friday.
Now for the fun part.
IF you are interested in shopping earlier, please send me an email and sign up to help us move on Wednesday. If you can offer 2 hours of your time to help with packing, inventory and moving, you will get a pass to come in at 7am.
Benefits of Helping
  • You will have access to 'while supplies last' freebies
  • You will have first access to the 'while supplies last' doorbuster deals.
  • You will have first access to our new toys and other fun products that we are getting just in time for Black Friday
  • You will receive extra cash on purchases of gift certificates

I may throw in some other cool benefits too. That's what I have so far. If you are interested in helping on Wednesday, please email me: to sign up. Unfortunately, babies and toddlers would not be a good idea as the doors will be open constantly and the toys will be gone. :(

We are excited about this move. I think it will be easier for everyone once we get there!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Store update

Well, life with us is never boring, that is for sure. As far as we know, beginning December 1, all 3 kiddos will be changing preschools. K & K will be getting special ed schooling and B will be in a mainstream preschool. (Thank you for the recommendations!) I have turned in my notice to my current landlord at my store. I am to be out with the store cleaned by December 1. She was very nice about it, but still I'm sure that is not convenient for her either.

So now, I have to find a new place for the store and get myself moved in by December 1. I have 3 prospective places in mind and Maha, I may be calling you if those do not work out. The 3 I am looking at are in Bearden on Kingston pike! I would like to be on K. pike if possible, but if not, Papermill would be fine too.

I will let you know as soon as I know. I expect to make my decision in the next few days. I will post here and will send out an email.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dilemma: Need Your Help

Ok, this could get lengthy, but I will try to keep it as short as possible. So, my kiddos were recently tested for special ed preschool, and it appears that 2 will be recommended for 'full time' preschool at Ft. Sanders near UT campus. I think this is great for them.....BUT, my other son does not qualify. Currently all 3 are enrolled out west near my store, in Farragut. Ft. sanders hours are either M-Thrs 8am-11:30am or Tues-fri. 11:30am-3pm. Other preschool (in Farragut) is M & Wed or M-thurs 9am-2pm

My store in Farragut is open M_W_F 10am-5pm & saturdays. Usually I close for about 20 mins 2 days per week to drive 5 mins down the road and get my kids and bring them back to my store. Obviously that won't be working for my other 2. I don't feel comfortable putting my 3 year olds on a bus, so that is out. I have help *maybe* one day that could transport them to me, but I am still left with a lot of driving.Any way I try to figure it out, I just can't get them where they need to be and keep my store open.

But-i plan to keep my store open. SO- i am scrambling to see if there are any preschools closer to Bearden or UT campus that might have 1 older 2's or early 3 year old class opening. Do you know of any? I definitely want a preschool rather than day care, not looking for full days.
ALSO-this increases the liklihood that I will need a retail space a bit further east. Any thoughts, or suggestions? I would be leasing.
thanks. I am truly lost on how I will pull this one off!

oh--PS, they will probably start at Ft. Sanders in December. So no rush...take your time. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cutie Tooties CLOSED Monday, NOV. 10, 2008

Cutie Tooties will be CLOSED Mon. November 10, 2008

because our 3 year old will be undergoing tests at Children’s Hospital to determine her need for Kidney Surgery. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will reopen Wednesday at 10am, and will be open scheduled hours (until 5:30pm).

Feel free to order online and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING.

Clearance & Sale items; & packages will be charged actual shipping rather than flat rate. Shipping fee must be paid on those items prior to shipping.
Thank you for your support and patronage.

Prayers for our daughter are greatly appreciated. Her name is Kynsie.

Sunny Hall

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bumgenius Babylegs are In Stock!

These are now in stock. They are super cute and look great with the Bumgenius threads onesies!
Sweet Greens


Hopscotch Jill

Hopscotch Jack