Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dilemma: Need Your Help

Ok, this could get lengthy, but I will try to keep it as short as possible. So, my kiddos were recently tested for special ed preschool, and it appears that 2 will be recommended for 'full time' preschool at Ft. Sanders near UT campus. I think this is great for them.....BUT, my other son does not qualify. Currently all 3 are enrolled out west near my store, in Farragut. Ft. sanders hours are either M-Thrs 8am-11:30am or Tues-fri. 11:30am-3pm. Other preschool (in Farragut) is M & Wed or M-thurs 9am-2pm

My store in Farragut is open M_W_F 10am-5pm & saturdays. Usually I close for about 20 mins 2 days per week to drive 5 mins down the road and get my kids and bring them back to my store. Obviously that won't be working for my other 2. I don't feel comfortable putting my 3 year olds on a bus, so that is out. I have help *maybe* one day that could transport them to me, but I am still left with a lot of driving.Any way I try to figure it out, I just can't get them where they need to be and keep my store open.

But-i plan to keep my store open. SO- i am scrambling to see if there are any preschools closer to Bearden or UT campus that might have 1 older 2's or early 3 year old class opening. Do you know of any? I definitely want a preschool rather than day care, not looking for full days.
ALSO-this increases the liklihood that I will need a retail space a bit further east. Any thoughts, or suggestions? I would be leasing.
thanks. I am truly lost on how I will pull this one off!

oh--PS, they will probably start at Ft. Sanders in December. So no rush...take your time. :)


Nathan, Kimberly and Lucy said...

What about Central Baptist Church Bearden? I know they are open M-Th from 9 - ? I know they have late care also. That's open until 4. I have no idea if they have any openings, but it's a good preschool. I know several people who work there and others who have sent their children there.

Maha said...

I have a friend who works with commercial real estate. I know he mentioned to me the other day that he had some property on Papermill he was looking to rent out. Email me (maha.ayesh@gmail.com) if you want me to ask him about more properties and to let me know what exactly you are looking for (size, price, etc.).

Nickname unavailable said...

My little one goes to the Jewish Community Center preschool on Deane Hill, and we love it. You can go part-time, full-time, just pick your days. I don't know about current openings though.