Saturday, November 15, 2008

Store update

Well, life with us is never boring, that is for sure. As far as we know, beginning December 1, all 3 kiddos will be changing preschools. K & K will be getting special ed schooling and B will be in a mainstream preschool. (Thank you for the recommendations!) I have turned in my notice to my current landlord at my store. I am to be out with the store cleaned by December 1. She was very nice about it, but still I'm sure that is not convenient for her either.

So now, I have to find a new place for the store and get myself moved in by December 1. I have 3 prospective places in mind and Maha, I may be calling you if those do not work out. The 3 I am looking at are in Bearden on Kingston pike! I would like to be on K. pike if possible, but if not, Papermill would be fine too.

I will let you know as soon as I know. I expect to make my decision in the next few days. I will post here and will send out an email.


Maha said...

I'm glad you are figuring things out. Can I just say that for completely selfish reasons, I'm so excited that you are moving to Bearden!!

Margaret and Shannon said...

I think the move will be great! Kingston Pike will have great visibility and hopefully even more customers! Good luck with the move, if you need any help seriously let me know. I can pack boxes I just can't carry them :)