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Took kids to church food pantry to give canned goods and veggies from the garden. So many patrons, but VERY little food. We want to help. This weekend Cutie Tooties is having a drawing for a lifetime supply of cloth diapers--basically a whole stash for baby, newborn to potty training.This will be a SUPER package to win! You register by coming to the store and donating healthy foods, dried, canned or fresh. For every item donated, you get an entry.

It's on the honor system. Please consider printing labels with name, phone, email on them to you can stick on entry cards swiftly. We are partnering with several diaper manufacturers to get items together.THIS WILL BE FUN! PLUS--we are serving Magpies cake starting around lunch Saturday.
Store is Open Friday & Saturday 10a-7pm.

Cloth diapers and green/natural lunch supplies will be tax free!

List of constant needs in link below.

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Fuzzi Bunz Old Colors:
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GroBaby & DreamEze Products all 20% Off!
In case you missed it, GroBaby Products are changing to GroVia, with a few tweaks to current products and some new products on the way. So, we are clearing out the old to make room for the new! Take advantage of these great prices before they are all gone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Warning Label for Slings? What's up?

CSPC Warning on use of SOME baby Slings/Carriers

In case you missed this news, here is a link. I think the critical point to take away from this is to be certain that your child is in an appropriate position. I am personally not a fan of bag slings such as the ones described for safety and lack of comfort for mom and baby. Carriers like Ergo Baby Carrier & Moby Wrap both offer upright positions for baby that helps prevent the dangerous C-shape body position that lead to suffocation for some of these babies. Please view page 2 of this pdf file by Moby Wrap. It shows what NOT to do, and I think it is beneficial for any babywearing mom to check this out to be sure you are keeping your baby safe. Moms have been safely babywearing for centuries. Hopefully people will be able to glean wisdom from this without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Cloth Diaper Class

Cloth Diapering 101 Class

Thursday April 8, 2010

6:30 P.M.
Cost- $10/person or $15/couple

We will go over all different types, styles & brands of cloth diapers. I will show you how to fold prefolds and use Snappi fasteners. We will discuss Sized vs. One-size diapers, and benefits of each. We will go over washing instructions and cloth diapering accessories as well. Questions are welcome and helpful. Feel free to take notes as we will cover a LOT of material in a short time. Seating is limited. Email me to reserve your place in the class.

Diaper Rash is Not Normal!

Diaper Rash is NOT Normal

It may be common, but that does not make it normal. There are a few things that can cause diaper rash, and cloth-diaper-safe treatments that worked for my children that I want to share.
Yeast Rash
Yeast rash is usually marked with red, elevated bumps and sometimes baby will scratch it. Bumps can have fluid under them. Yeast is contagious, and treatment is important. According to, "A Candida skin infection can come from the upper gastrointestinal tract, the lower gastrointestinal tract, or exposure from a care provider." Since yeast is often born in the intestines, or gut, it has been my experience that treating the source is most effective in killing yeast. For my kids, Probiotics coupled with a topical anti-fungal is the best treatment. It is also important that you sanitize your cloth diapers. There are a few ways to go about this. You can soak them in vinegar, or use 1/4 a cup of bleach in the wash, and/or use Grapefuit Seed Extract. You can use 10 drops of GSE in every diaper wash. Some people use it topically to actually treat the infection.

Sensitivity to Detergent

If your child has an all over red "rash" that almost looks like a burn, there is a good chance your detergent, or detergent buildup is the culprit. VERY few (1 customer in 3+ years) children are allergic to a fabric. So, if your babe's bottom looks burned, strip those diapers, and start fresh.

Wipes Irritation

Simply put, some babies can not tolerate the chemicals found in disposable baby wipes. Even the fragrance free wipes can have chemicals that are harsh for baby skin. Check this link for more information. Solution? Go with washable wipes. You can use water only or other natural, non-toxic wipes solutions that do not offer the same irritation.

Food Allergies/Sensitivities/Eczema

If your baby has a persistent bullseye, red rash around the anus, this is often indicative of a food allergy. Be sure to show your doctor and check into this, as no cream will fix an internal issue.

One of the most common times for a baby to experience diaper rash is during the 4-6 months age as this is when parents commonly introduce solid foods. If you have ruled out the previously mentioned causes of diaper rash, then I would take a look at your child's diet.

This is a GREAT article that explains food allergies vs. Food Sensitivities. And she also discusses the Food/Eczema connection.

Sometimes the rash may be food related, though not a true allergy or sensitivity.

Sometimes frequency of stools and/or acidic content can cause diaper rash. Foods that cause frequent stooling and foods (or juices) that are naturally acidic can be the culprits.

See list of Foods That Cause Diarrhea.

See list of Common Acidic Foods.


I lumped these all together because often they do go together. We all know that anti-biotics cause runny stools--see yeast info above. According to Dr. Jay Gordon M.D., "Another cause of malabsorption in the intestines can be teething. The profuse saliva of a teething baby can cause irritation in the intestines interfering with proper absorption. When babies teethe, we can see lots of drooling. Large quantities of saliva is swallowed which can irritate the intestines causing runny, acidic stools. This can also cause a rash in the diaper area. " Old Fashioned diarrhea from a virus can cause diaper rash as well. So what do you do with that? I have found the following options to be the best treatments for my children.

1. If you are breastfeeding, express some milk and apply directly to baby's bare bum and let it air dry. This is truly the best natural remedy for diaper rash.

2. Baking Soda bath/soak (can use wash tub) after bowel movements, or at least 3 times per day. Let bottom air dry.

3. Naked time. This can prove messy, but air is great for this type of diaper rash.

4. Healing Salve. Stay away from anti-bacterial ointments as you may end up causing a yeast flare up which will only complicate your problems. I like Northern Essence, Punkin Butt, Magic Stick, and Earth Mama Angel Baby. It is important to note that these salves are healing salves, as opposed to a zinc based cream that simply forms a barrier against wetness. These will actually help the broken skin heal. But if you want to form that barrier as well, without ruining your diapers, use one of the salves and add #5.

5. Cornstarch. Be sure NOT to use talc or normal baby powder. Talc is toxic. If you want to form a barrier for baby's broken skin, apply a good amount of healing salve to skin and the put a cornstarch layer over top and pat. You can also use cornstarch alone on a regular basis, in place of baby powder, but it usually isn't necessary. Be sure to skip the brand name baby cornstarch that has fragrance added.

6. Browned Flour. If there are no food allergies, you can take regular flour and cook it in a skillet until it turns a golden brown. Then place it in container and in freezer. Apply to baby's bare bottom or on top of healing salve to help with rash. Will also form barrier, and will not harm diapers. *Warning* Baby's bottom will smell like a burned biscuit.

These are a few common causes of diaper rash and remedies that have worked for my children. Obviously I am just a mom without a medical degree, so take this information as such. Just my personal experiences, not the gospel.

New Products!

New Products at Cutie Tooties!

Thirsties Duo Cover with Snaps!

Same great cover you have come to love, with a snap closure option!

Happy Heiny's "Beta" Organic One-Size Diaper

This pocket diaper's inside is made of organic hemp, making it a super absorbent option for night time for even the heaviest of wetters.

For the "BETA"model Happy Heiny's is taking any and all input and suggestions both good and constructive. They are also in the search for a name for this diaper. This contest is for customers only and the winning name submitter will receive a $50 gift certificate. So come in and give the diaper a try. Who knows? Maybe you can name that diaper!

New Prints from Babylegs!

MANY more! Come see them!

New Candy for Easter!

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Trukid Products Now In Stock!!

Cutie Tooties currently has Trukid Shampoo, Conditioner, Bubbly Body Wash, & Detangler IN STOCK! Sunscreen is shipping at the end of March!!

Trukids is a Gluten Free, Paraben & BPA Free line of skin care for kids. I personally love these products! They have great scores on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

Preggie Pop Drops Now in Stock!

Drybees Fleece Night Times & Hybrid AIO's

Back by popular demand!

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Stinky Diapers

I feel like I just wrote and article about this, but it seems to be a recurring problem, so I want to address it again en masse.

First thing:

If your child's diaper stink even when clean, there is a problem. This is not normal. If your child's diapers stink strongly of ammonia (knock you over stench) after your child urinates once, there is a problem.

What causes odor in cloth diapers?

A few things can cause odor in cloth diapers, but in my experience the most common problem is detergent related. If you are using a "FREE" or "Free & Clear" or "Sensitive Skin" detergent on your diapers STOP immediately. Often these detergents will cause burn-like rashes on a baby's bottom, but even when this is not the case traditional free and clear detergents will cause buildup on your diapers as a result of optical brighteners. This buildup is no visible. You will simply find that one day your diapers start stinking or leaking, or both out of the blue and no amount of washing fixes the problem. The solution is to strip your diapers, which is not fun. Here is one method of stripping: replace your regular detergent with 1/4 cup Calgon® water softener (found at your local grocers) or 1-2 Tbs Dawn® or Ivory® dish soap. Strip your diapers as often as needed, but not at every wash as it is a bit harsh for your diapers and your baby's skin. Once you have stripped them, PLEASE change detergent, or you will be back in this shape again. When I was using a Free and Clear detergent, I had to strip my diapers once a month.

Other Possibilities:

Diapers simply aren't getting clean.

***Exclusively Breastfed Baby's Poop can go into the washer IF AND ONLY IF the washer is a top-loader (not high efficiency) AND you soak all diapers in the washer for 20 minutes before closing the lid on the initial rinse cycle. Then do hot wash, plus extra rinse.****

If baby gets even a drop of formula or solid food (cereal included) all bets are off, and ALL POOP MUST GO IN TOILET.

If you have an HE (High Efficiency/Front Loading) washer, ALL POOP MUST GO IN TOILET.

Leaving any poop on diapers in these circumstances will likely result in odor and significant staining.

How you get the poop into the toilet in these situations is up to you. Some people simply dunk the diapers in the toilet. Other people scrape the poop off with tissue or a dedicated spatula. Many of our customers use flushable liners to ease in the removal of poop from diapers. The last option though is my favorite and really is the best choice for those with an HE washer. It is the Diaper Sprayer. Using the diaper sprayer after a diaper change will allow you to skip the pre-rinse cycle, and go straight to the hot wash followed by a cool rinse. Saving the pre-rinse step will also mean saving water as well.

Maybe your detergent is just too mild.

It has been my experience that using some of the milder, more Eco-friendly detergents such as Seventh Generation on cloth diapers over a length of time can lead to odor. Other "Laundry Soaps" such as some homemade laundry powders and Charlie's Soap can have a similar effect, AND cause some serious rashes. I am not against any of these products, but if you find that your diapers are smelly, just realize the diaper is not likely the problem. It's what you are washing it in. Again, your diapers need to be stripped and detergent changed.

Detergent Suggestions:
Mainstream: Tide (regular, not FREE or Mtn. Spring) or Arm & Hammer Essentials (Green Liquid-not Sensitive Skin)

Eco-Conscious & Widely Available-Biokleen with Grapefruit Seed Extract. (Warning: Enzymes in this detergent can irritate skin for some)

Scent Free & Eco Conscious: Bumgenius, Tiny Bubbles & Thirsties Pre-wash & Super Wash detergents. All of these detergent options are available at Cutie Tooties.

Could Be Your Washer
It has been my experience that customers with HE washers, especially those who use AIO cloth diapers, tend to have more odor issues than people who use top-loading washers. The reason? The sewn-in soakers in AIO's get ALOT less water, agitation and exposure to detergent in an HE than they do in a regular washer. The result? Stink. The solution? There are a few. As I mentioned above, a diaper sprayer is a huge help. It allows your washer to simply sanitize the diapers, which an HE is very capable of. You can also add a couple of towels to your cloth diaper load in order to trick the washer into filing with more water. In addition, you can add a pre-soak option to your wash routine. This would mean pre-soak/hot wash/ extra rinse, then dry. Another option is to use the Thirsties Pre-wash, which addresses bacterial and odor issues.

I've done all of this and my diapers still stink!

A few questions for you. Did you buy your diapers used? If so, you may have inherited someone else's stinky problem. Buying used diapers means that often you don't know what they were or weren't washed in. If the previous owner washed with bleach, fabric softener or a free and clear detergent, she may have ruined the diapers before you ever got them. To compound this problem, the diapers may have been boxed up and put in a hot attic for a time. This simply bakes the odors in and makes them almost impossible to remove.

Are you getting the poop out of the diapers as soon as you can after changing baby?
If you allow the poop to sit in the diaper for a long period of time before getting it out, you are more likely to get odor and staining. Be sure to get solids out as soon as you can.

How often are you washing your diapers?
If you aren't washing your diapers every other day, you may run into more odor. Every third day for washing is my absolute limit. If you go 4 days or longer, expect odor, mold, mildew, fungus and heaven only knows what else. At this point you have a science fair project growing in your pail, and truly it is a sanitary problem. SO please, wash AT LEAST every 3rd day.

What kind of diaper cream/salve are you using?
If you answered: Desitin, Boudreaux's, A & D, Aquafor, or any other petrolatum or Zinc based ointment, that may be your problem. These ointments will ruin your diapers. They are likely to be leaking/repelling soon if not already. Attempt to strip them (good luck). Sometimes that stuff won't come off at all. If you are able to get them back to even, PLEASE use a salve that is meant for cloth diapers. You want something that is Olive oil or Grapeseed oil based. We carry several options: Magic Stick, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Northern Essence, & Punkin Butt.

Do you have well water or hard water?
Some customers have reported more odor and diaper wear and tear with hard water and/or well water. A few have reported that using Calgon water softener in the wash helps. Vinegar is also an option.

Last Few Tips
**Try laying your diapers out in the sun for an afternoon to allow the sun and fresh air to freshen them.

**Try adding 1/2 cup Vinegar to your rinse cycle.

**Consider adding Pail Powder to your pail after tossing each dirty diaper in. Pail powder makes your pail smell better and gives your detergent a boost too.

Hopefully this will offer some help for your stinkies. Please know you can call or email me anytime. I am happy to help you troubleshoot. Cloth diapering should be easy.

Cloth Diapers Shouldn't Leak!

Many people claim that they don't want to try cloth diapers because they are worried about leaks. The truth is, cloth diapers shouldn't leak at all. So if you have leaky diapers, there is a problem.

Used Diapers? First thing, did you buy your diapers used? If so, the downside is that you do not know what the previous owner washed them in. If they are leaking, my first recommendation would be to strip them immediately in hopes that the problem is detergent residue. If you are using a free and clear detergent, or just a really mild one like Seventh Generation or Ecos and having leaks, strip them and change detergents. Detergents I like are: Tiny Bubbles, Bumgenius, & Thirsties Superwash--all found at Cutie Tooties; Tide (Original) & Arm & Hammer Essentials.

Another possibility is that the previous owner (or you) used chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach on the diapers. This is a BIG NO-NO! Bleach of any kind will break down the fabric quickly and compromise the absorbency. It will also eat the laminate (waterproofing) off covers and the outters of AIO's & Pocket diapers. If you or someone else used bleach on your diapers, there really isn't much you can do to repair them. Some people recommend using a waterproofing spray that is usually silicone based. You can find this spray in the camping section of most department stores. Please note that inhalation of this Teflon-like spray has been linked with lung damage, so I am NOT recommending it. Simply stating that some people report that it works on destroyed covers. I have never personally used it myself.

Fabric Softener?
Fabric softener, liquid or dryer sheets is a definite NO-NO for cloth diapers. Fabric softener might make your diapers smell good, but it will also make them leak. Using fabric softener on towels makes them less absorbent. It does the same thing with diapers. If you want something to make them softer, add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. It will soften your diapers, help with odor, offer anti-fungal properties and cost a lot less. Oh yeah, and it won't ruin your diapers. If you have used fabric softener on your diapers, strip them and start over. You might also need to consider cleaning your washer if you or someone you love is a fabric softener addict. Sometimes the residue from the washer can deposit on diapers and cause a leaking problem. For top-loaders (old style) Use baking soda and vinegar until you get a fizzy effect in a large hot wash. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then close the lid. For HE washers, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get the cleaning tablets that are made to remove gunk from HE washers.

Not Enough Absorbency
You MUST know how much your child pees and adjust accordingly. If you used a sanitary pad and had a leak, chances are you wouldn't give up on them completely, but you would troubleshoot to prevent the leak from happening again. So it goes with cloth diapers. Perhaps your child just wets too much for 1 microfiber insert. Consider adding another, or adding a help insert. Hemp is far more absorbent than microfiber, and much more trim, but it is slower absorbing. I find that the perfect combo is often a microfiber insert on top of a hemp insert slid into a pocket diaper. Some people go for DSQ prefolds in a pocket diaper. Others use straight hemp. My point here is work with it. There is a solution for your child. Try to be flexible. Email or call me anytime. I am happy to make suggestions specifically for your child.

Not Changing Often Enough
The state of TN recommends that disposable infant diapers be changed hourly. This recommendation stands for cloth diapers as well, though few people stick with that. Personally I find that 2 hours in a cloth diaper is reasonable. 3 hours can be done. Anything beyond needs to be considered an exception UNLESS CHILD IS WEARING A DIAPER THAT IS CONDUCIVE TO NAP OR OVERNIGHT SLEEP-in which cases child may wear same diaper for 12 hours. During the day however, when intake is usually highest and therefore voiding is as well, plan on changing at least every 2 hours.

Cheap Diapers/Cotton Laminate
There are 2 structural possibilities that can be a problem as well. Some diapers are just cheaply made. You get what you pay for most of the time, and this is the case with cloth diapers. Gerber brand prefolds (purchased at Babies R Us and Wal-mart gave me nothing but leaks and messes. I find this to be a common theme among parents who say they "tried cloth diapers and hated it". Very often they tried Gerber prefolds with unpleasant results. Those "diapers" are best used as burp cloths and cleaning rags. Regardless of where you buy them, if you buy prefolds, choose diaper service quality Chinese or Indian prefolds in premium thickness-4 X 8 X 4 layers--which will provide superb absorbency. There are also some other AIO's and pocket diapers that are just made cheaply either by manufacturers or individuals and often these wind up in my consignment basket because owner found that they leaked. This can be a result of poor craftsmanship--person didn't know how to seal the laminate-- lack of waterproofing; inadequate waterproofing; laminated cotton outters which provide super cute prints but also a lot of wicking, which means wet onesies; inner or insert is not absorbent enough; or poor sizing/fit leads to gaps an leaking.

Ill-Fitting Diapers
Many of my customers are tempted to size up thinking that doing so will save them money. It might. But it might also lead to some really inconvenient situations like poop all over a child's clothes, your clothes, a car get the picture. Generally speaking, sizing up with cloth diapers is a bad idea. You are setting yourself up for leaks and frustration. Just like underwear, cloth diapers fit or they don't. There isn't much middle ground. You can only cinch the waste so much, and leg gussets aren't particularly adjustable in most cases. Putting your child in a diaper that is too big can lead to gapping around the legs, which allows pee and poop to run out the sides. It also allows for gapping at the waistline in the front and back. Gapping at the front is a big problem for boys as this lends itself to what we at my house refer to as "run-away toodle" which means little boys peeing straight out the top of the diaper like a runaway water hose. It is NOT a fun experience, I can tell you. Gapping at the back lends itself to poop blowouts that are prevented by well-fitting cloth diapers, because unlike disposables, cloth diapers and covers have elastic in the back too. Finally, larger diapers mean more bulk on baby, which can put unnecessary pressure on their hips and in worst-case scenario can cause damage (his dysplasia) so, again one more reason not to size up. Trust me, the added absorbency for a larger size is usually pretty minimal. Adding an extra insert is a MUCH better choice.

The biggest temptation to size up is during the XS-Newborn stage. All I can say is "Fight the Feeling!" There are a couple of brands that you can cheat with and possibly go with a small, but in MOST cases an XS/Newborn is required, even for 9lb babies.

Brands that Require XS/NB for almost all new babies:

Thirsties Covers (Absolutely always get XS. These run big)
FuzziBunz (Ditto above)
Mother-Ease (Ditto)
Kissaluvs (Ditto)
Prefolds (Get Infant)
*Any One-Size diaper--Get XS and plan on One-Size fitting at 10-12lbs*
FuzziBunz One-Size
Happy Heiny's One-Size
Thirsties Duo Pocket Diapers Some diapers that tend to run smaller are:
Bumgenius AIO's (larger babies 10+ can get into smalls once umbilical cord falls off in most cases)

Knickernappies-size small has umbilical cut out making these a reasonable choice in size small for babies 8lbs and up.

Dream-Eze AIO's-these fit pretty quickly after birth for most babies and provide a trim fit.

Happy Heiny's-this one is a toss up. The XS will fit almost all newborns the best, but some can get away with a small. No umbilical cut out.

Bummis Covers-For most babies the NB cover fits for a short period of time. If baby is 6lbs-7lbs, NB is a good idea. Babies 8lbs and up at birth can probably use a Size Small.

**Of all One-Size diapers, Bumgenius 3.0 tends to fit "best" on a new baby. That word "best" is very much relative. I don't think they fit well, but you can usually get them small enough to prevent leaks. Often the bulk is significant and newborn clothing won't fit well over them. Again added hip pressure as well. BUT I do have customers who use these shortly after birth. Thirsties Duo pocket diapers (2-size system) provide a much better fit on a newborn in my opinion as far as adjustable sized diapers are concerned.***

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Cutie Tooties is CLOSED today!
But we are having a SNOW BIRD SALE in celebration of the white stuff! Check your email for the announcement and coupon code!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Grobaby Prints, Soaker Pads, & Boosters all RESTOCKED!

New to Cutie Tooties!

Magic Stick®’s all natural and organic ingredients and petroleum-free formula is safe to use with cloth or disposable diapers.Keep Your Hands Clean and Baby Happy
Safe to use with both cloth diapers and disposables.
Use a light layer to protect baby's skin from wetness.

Helps to clear up minor rashes

Hate greasy, messy hands? Great NO MESS packaging makes application a cinch. Just the right amount will be left on baby's skin and NONE on yours!

Safe to use for minor skin irritations....chapped skin, stretch marks, most anywhere you need extra moisture.
Made with natural and organic ingredients.

Care Instructions To Use: Use as needed with diaper changes and at night before bed. Apply to clean, dry skin. Use only one stick per child.

Ingredients:Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Apis mellifera (Beeswax), Limmnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) Oil, Simmondsia chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Oil, Butyrospermun parkii (Shea) Oil, Rosa mosqueta (Organic Rosehip) and a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Donate to Haitian Orphanges via Cutie Tooties

Cutie Tooties is accepting NEW & gently used Cloth Diapers
and baby/toddler/kid clothes and shoes to be delivered to orphanages on the outskirts of Haiti, where help is more scarce.

I will ship all items to Linda Byerline at Happy Heiny's who already has a working relationship with these orphanages. Donations will be delivered personally by Missionaries to ensure that donations are not mishandled by gov't, etc. Would love for you to advertise this option as well. I need all donations in the store by saturday at latest b/c have to ship to California ASAP.

More information:

From Owner of Happy Heinys, Linda Byerline

We have been very saddened to hear that due to the recent earthquakes in Haiti in the Port Au Prince area, a couple of the orphanages we have worked closely with over the last fews years have been completely devastated. Through the years we have not only sent them diapers and clothing for these babies but also toys and help with food. When we work with any orphanage in any third world nation we work closely with missionaries who actually travel to the orphanages and personally bring our donations to the babies in need. We opt to work this way because sadly we have found that when attempting to donate directly the goods do not always arrive to the proper place due to the civil unrest of many of these countries.

With this recent devastating series of earthquakes there is already a lot of donations and requests for donations out there. Many are requesting items to be given to the Red Cross which is a wonderful organization and will truly help many people. Unfortunately those many orphanages are on the outskirts of town and therefore tend to receive less if any help. These orphanages are now in dire need of new/good condition used reusable diapers. By us providing them with reusable diapers we are ensuring that a baby who has just learned to sit in not placed on a toileting pot for 10-12 hours per day in order to prevent messes.

We are also going to take donations of new or good condition used baby clothing and small items. Most often these items we donate are actually brought over in suitcases so we need items that will fit in suitcases. Again, there is a lot of wonderful support that is heading out that way, people bringing food, water, medicines, and clothing but this is all going to the main population. We need to get diapers and clothing to the orphanages as quickly as possible.

If you would like to make a donation of diapers or baby clothing please send as quickly as possible to:
Happy Heinys
1529 N Cuyamaca St
El Cajon CA 92020

please mark box for donation If you would like to be so kind as to help out financially so that we can afford to send out more new diapers and new clothing as well as shipping costs and costs of extra luggage for those who are flying out to Haiti.

Please send any donations to us through paypal, please be sure to clearly mark the payment in the subject box as Donation for Orphanages in Haiti and select the Personal option for sending the money so there is no extra charges applied.

You can send funds through paypal to:

You can send funds using a credit card or cash. If you would like to send checks please mail them to the above address and make the check out to Happy Heinys but please make sure the subject is clearly marked as Donation for Orphanages. All funds collected will solely be used for purchasing of new items and the costs of shipping. Any left over funds will be directly donated to those in need. Thank you for helping us to carry on our mission to insure that as many babies as possible have dry cloth on their bottoms, clean clothes to wear, and food in their belly.

Linda Byerline CEO MLB Industries Inc

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of Products Restocked!

Kissaluvs with new more absorbent core: NOW IN STOCK!
Babykicks Hemp Prefolds, Inserts, & Premium Inserts Restocked!
Planetwise Wetbags & Pail Liners Restocked!
Knickernappies Pocket Diapers & Inserts Restocked!