Saturday, March 13, 2010

Warning Label for Slings? What's up?

CSPC Warning on use of SOME baby Slings/Carriers

In case you missed this news, here is a link. I think the critical point to take away from this is to be certain that your child is in an appropriate position. I am personally not a fan of bag slings such as the ones described for safety and lack of comfort for mom and baby. Carriers like Ergo Baby Carrier & Moby Wrap both offer upright positions for baby that helps prevent the dangerous C-shape body position that lead to suffocation for some of these babies. Please view page 2 of this pdf file by Moby Wrap. It shows what NOT to do, and I think it is beneficial for any babywearing mom to check this out to be sure you are keeping your baby safe. Moms have been safely babywearing for centuries. Hopefully people will be able to glean wisdom from this without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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