Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Took kids to church food pantry to give canned goods and veggies from the garden. So many patrons, but VERY little food. We want to help. This weekend Cutie Tooties is having a drawing for a lifetime supply of cloth diapers--basically a whole stash for baby, newborn to potty training.This will be a SUPER package to win! You register by coming to the store and donating healthy foods, dried, canned or fresh. For every item donated, you get an entry.

It's on the honor system. Please consider printing labels with name, phone, email on them to you can stick on entry cards swiftly. We are partnering with several diaper manufacturers to get items together.THIS WILL BE FUN! PLUS--we are serving Magpies cake starting around lunch Saturday.
Store is Open Friday & Saturday 10a-7pm.

Cloth diapers and green/natural lunch supplies will be tax free!

List of constant needs in link below.

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