Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Products in Stock! Sale Items!

Bummis Bamboozle is back in stock!

Due to the popularity of bamboo, we have decided to bring this diaper back. You can see the product details below.

A fitted diaper consisting of 4 layers of bamboo fabric that is fantastically soft and beautiful! You will fall in love with this gorgeous, silky fabric - it truly is irresistible!

Bamboo is a miraculous and eco-friendly fibre. It is a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle and it is grown without fertilizers or pesticides. In short it is the perfect environmental choice for diapers!

Bamboo fibre also absorbs 60% more than cotton and is naturally antibacterial, breathable and cool. This is why the Bamboozle is such a slim fitting and ultra absorbent diaper. It requires less diaper changes, is comfortable for baby and not bulky under clothes!

The Bamboozle is made by our pals at Tots Bots in Scotland. Their products are top rated in the UK, and the Bamboozle is their most popular diaper! We are very excited to be distributing their products here – their team is dynamic and ethically minded, and makes a good fit with our own.

Tots Bots products are Oeko-Tex certified – which means they have passed stringent European standards for non-toxicity.

Special features of the Bamboozle:
Easy to adjust snap closures
Sewn in adjustable doubler for extra absorbance
Two sizes only will take you from premature (5 lbs) right through to potty training (35 lbs).

It will fit well with the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. For a truly deluxe offering – pair it up with a Polar Bummi! great combo for night time!

The Bamboozle will reach full absorbency after 10 washes, although it can be used after about 2 washes. Wash in hot water and dry in the dryer. Line drying will extend the life of this diaper.

Bummis Flushable Liners are back in stock in both sizes!

Northern Essence restocked and On SALE!

Northern Essence Foaming Wipes Solution is back in stock in Regular & TTO/Lav Free. I also have the wipes solution concentrate in stock now as well.

Northern Essence Foaming Baby Wash, Whipped Baby Lotion, & Baby Butter moisturizer are all On Sale- $4.50 each or 3 for $12.

Scents available are: Baby Bliss, Soapy Clean, Johnson's Bedtime Bath type, and baby Magic Type.

All Northern Essence products are made to order so they will be nice and fresh for your baby. they are great for baby's skin and smell super yummy!

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