Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free Photo Shoot For Your Baby--Sign Up!

You're Invited!
What? Free Photo Shoot of your Cutie Tootie in a Cloth Diaper
When? Sunday, Oct. 19 3pm-5pm
Where? UT Botanical Gardens
Who? Shannon Kelley Photography & Sunny of Cutie Tooties

Shannon Kelley of Shannon Kelley Photography has offered to do a free photo shoot using Cutie Tooties customers as her models. Your baby will be photographed in a cute diaper that we provide. Please also feel free to bring 1 favorite diaper of your own for your baby to be photographed in. We simply ask that you choose a diaper that Cutie Tooties carries. This is important because we may choose your child's photo to decorate our store. In exchange for your time and for allowing your child to model for Cutie Tooties, you will get a FREE 5 x 7 photo of your child! You will also have the option of ordering other photos if you wish. No order is required.

If you want to sign up, PLEASE EMAIL ME at

Sign up times are as follows:

3:00 pm- D. Brittain; L. Segars

3:30 pm Wilkersons; Ayesh
4:00 pm- E. Tittle; A. Habgood

4:30 pm O. Jessen; H. Teague

5:00pm-R. Cavalaris; K. Keller

2 children will be signed up for each time slot.

I will post first initials and last names here as they are confirmed so that you will know which spots are available.

Please be sure to bring your baby snacks/milk and a favorite toy. Hopefully our later time schedule will allow everyone to get a good nap. :) Happy babies take the best pictures!

If you have any questions, please email or call me.

-Sunny :)

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