Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laptop Lunches & Glamourmom Restocked--plus, check out new Snack Packs

All items from Laptop Lunches have been restocked.
This means we now have Bento Buddies, Bento System 2.0, Bento Set 2.0, and Laptop Carrying Cases now in stock!!

Glamourmom nursing tanks have been restocked with new colors in both the regular and long styles.

And, to make eating lunch even more green, we just stocked The Reusable Fresh Snack Pack. I have to admit, I took a couple of these home last night and already brought my lunch in them today (well, Annies Bunny Cookies to be exact :) ).

The Durable, Washable and Reusable Fresh Snack PackTM is giving us the convenience with less waste. We recently passed the 100th day of school and have been using and reusing the same sandwich bag all year...can your disposable bag do that?Hear some of the raves that we've been receiving, like this one..."We just got our snack packs and LOVE THEM!!! When our friends come over and see all of them drying, they ask what they are, we tell them and they think they are the coolest things...we tend to agree! :) My 6 yr old knows not to throw them out too! Very exciting! I actually ate salad with dressing and cottage cheese out of the big one the other day b/c I forgot my container! Thanks so much!" - Shauna
Fresh Snack Pack is a convenient and easy way to pack a more waste-free lunch.

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